Glamorous White Wedding in Westchester

I partnered with Christine Krische of Looking Glass Event Group to create this amazing wedding at the Westchester Country Club.

Designing a wedding for 500 guests that feels both intimate and grand at the same time is always a challenge. When I design a wedding, I want to be sure that every table feels special and every guest has a great experience. One way I did that for this event was to ensure the tent was large enough not just for the dinner tables and a huge dance floor, but could also fit a large lounge area around the dance floor.

Photo: Macallan Productions

Guests always have the best time when they are up near the dance floor where the energy is, but not everyone loves dancing all night. So, to give them options, I surrounded the dance floor with lounges and bars to give them a place to just hang out and be part of the action without needing to dance.

Photo: Travis Magee

The dance floor was the focal point of the room, and I ensured that everyone could see it by grouping dozens of huge chandeliers – some even larger than the tables themselves – above it. The largest ones were at the center and placed higher than the rest. Then, as the chandeliers were positioned further into the room, they became smaller and hung a bit lower overhead.

Photo: Ira Liptke

Take a look at the video:

I also like to create experiences that evolve over the duration of the event. Guests arrived at sundown, so I wanted the space to feel light and airy with an al fresco dinning feeling. A clear-top tent allowed the natural sunlight in, so I added white fabric panels draped along the top to let in that natural light and to distinguish the dinner areas from the dance floor. After the sun went down, the open draping was lit with warm pink and amber light that perfectly complemented the other decorative elements.

Photo: Travis Magee

The entire space was designed in white – linens, chairs, dance floor and couches – with accents of glamorous mirrored and clear glass vases, chargers, stemware and candlesticks to add sparkle.

Photo: Travis Magee

Romantic floral arrangements of white and dusty pink roses, white hydrangeas, orchids, and tendrils of greenery were set high above each table.  Clusters of curated clear glass and antique mirrored vases were placed on each table, along with arrangements on the mirrored butler trays.