Experiential Event for Public Art Fund

The Public Art Fund is an organization very close to my heart. I wholeheartedly support their mission, which is “to bring dynamic contemporary art to a broad audience in New York City by mounting ambitious free exhibitions of international scope and impact” So it’s doubly fulfilling to design their spring benefit and auction for the second year in a row.

Public-Art-Fund-2016-6aThe benefit features playful artist projects that bring indoors the sense of imagination that is the hallmark of their outdoor exhibitions. Our client asked for a black and white op-art theme, which we interpreted and brought to life in a playful way, using monochromatic parlor games.

The installation included 40,000 domino pieces and thousands of playing cards. Long tables serving family-style dishes featured rectangular 4-foot long aquarium glass vessels filled with either the dominoes or playing cards. These were accented with white orchids that reflected the Public Art Fund’s then current installation of Isa Genzken’s 34-foot high colossal sculpture Two Orchids, which towered elegantly alongside Central Park at 5th Avenue.


Op-art graphics applied to lazy Susan centerpieces added further whimsy to the design. To emphasize the feeling of playfulness, after guests were seated for dinner, we converted the cocktail area into an experiential event delight with an edible black & white doughnut installation applied to Plexiglas walls for dessert.

The team at the Public Art Fund incorporate a brilliant signature element – a limited edition placemat –  that features a different artist each year. This drives their mission forward and raises additional funds at the event. Guests were thrilled to take home their placemats, which were created by artist Artie Vierkant.