7 Wedding Centerpiece Trends To Consider Right Now

There are so many beautiful, fresh, and distinct trends happening in the world of wedding centerpiece design these days. What I especially enjoy about the current crop of ideas is that they represent such an amazing diversity of styles, moods, and palettes.

Whether you’re a modern, minimalist bride who favors pale tones, a casual country kind of girl in love with bold hues, or anywhere in between, there’s a look for you.

And of course, you can mix and match ideas, colors and blooms to create the wedding floral look that feels just right for your celebration.

Here are some of the top wedding floral design trends right now.

1) Farm Fresh Flowers

The farm (or vineyard, or ranch) wedding is a popular choice these days, and the floral treatment for these events is not surprisingly, very casual, with a “just-picked” feel. Bouquets are looser, include plenty of wildflowers, and tabletops often feature arrangements in mason jars, collections of simple but eclectic glass vases, or mismatched vintage china.

2) Go Long on Tables

The classic set up of a round table with a stunning central floral arrangement will never go out of style: it’s a classic for a reason. But the long, rectangular family-style seating arrangement is increasingly popular, and with that comes the opportunity for striking table runners and floral arrangements spanning the length of the tables.

Both the repetition of a single element or variations on a theme (interesting greenery and foliage of different shapes and hues) can work equally well with this design.

3) White On White Theme

Brides everywhere are opting for the absence of color these days, and why not? It’s classic, elegant, and clean. Popular white blooms, used alone and together include hydrangeas, ranunculus, tulips, peonies, dahlias, and lilies.


All white too much for you? A sophisticated take on white centerpieces is adding a hint of color: flowers with just a slight blush of pink, or greenish undertones.

4) Pump It Up: Bright Florals

On the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, is the trend of going bold and saturated with your color choices. That can mean strong hits of deep plum, scarlet, or vibrant orange in arrangements, bouquets made up of blooms in shades of one strong color, or something as whimsical as a rainbow palette. And of course, the color of the year, Emerald, is popular with 2013 brides as well.


5) Get the Hang of it

For one of the newest trends in wedding floral design just look up! These elevated arrangements are appearing more and more these days in décor schemes of every style, and make for some great photos; they can be light an airy, or strong and sculptural.


6) Take the Dry Road

Succulents have been around for a while, but they still feel fresh, modern, and fun and fit with a variety of décor schemes. They’re also part of another trend, that of texture, which include exotic, sculptural elements and blooms such as lotus and scabiosa pods and protea.

(Photography by http://www.dreamlovephotography.com)

7) Keeping it Cool

In addition to emerald, the novel color choice of mint green is making a strong showing this year. You’ll find it in floral design in the form of the aforementioned succulents, as well as plants such as eucalyptus and Dusty Miller.