The Wedding Day begins

For every event that we design and produce, I always know that no matter how much time we have on the event day…we will need to use every bit of it. At a certain point, I can trust that there will be activity right up until the last possible moment.

And so, Heather and Dylan’s wedding day starts out as all of our events do on their appointed day. First thing in the morning, I find my calm. I spend just enough time wrapping my head around what will unfold over the coming hours, as all of the final preparations and finishing touches will occur, as our clients (and in this case my stepson and daughter-in-law-to-be) are about to get themselves ready and arrive to see what we have created on their behalf. It’s a magnificent morning.

Matthew and our floral team are getting up to the Garrison before 8 to start weaving orchids into the arbor, for the ceremony. Our scenic team will arrive by 10 to assemble the escort card wall, complete with Dylan’s beautiful quartz crystals, each one displayed and lit. They will also be setting up the photo booth backdrop, with custom-cut windows and frames for everyone to pose in and play with in front of the camera. I arrive to the Garrison, say hello to Annie, who manages the space and is efficient and sweet and has all of the details in her head and on her clipboard.

I enter the dining room, which is bursting with the most beautiful flowers: black Callas, burgundy Scabiosa and Dahlias and fiddlehead ferns, Passion fruit vine and bright green ruffled ferns.

More to come!

Love, Laurie