Hollywood Regency Wedding in New York

Designing this wedding was such a fulfilling experience. With the bride’s love of Audrey Hepburn’s timeless glamour as my guide, I created her wedding in the Hollywood Regency style, which was both grand and elaborate, yet allowed for intimate moments for all guests.

Take a look at the video below.

The guest experience began with cocktails at a dramatic bar that anchored the space, along with over-scaled and detailed florals that helped create the balance between grandeur and intimacy in the room.

In addition, a fun “shout-out” station was customized to feel like a studio in the 1930’s Hollywood style, which was a fun, interactive way to entertain guests during cocktails.

After cocktails, we wanted guests to experience a “wow factor” with the overall reception room and then be dazzled by the incredible stage which anchored the whole evening. The entrance was positioned beside the stage so guests first experienced the drama of the entire room and then, after they entered, guests turned around to see the multi-tiered, glamorous stage designed in the manner of the big band era with an enormous scalloped curtain backdrop.

The dance floor was surrounded by luxurious lounge furniture and bars, creating focal points along an axis to develop flow in the room and allow guests to move around, dance, and mingle instead of remaining at their assigned tables all night. We even had the chef cut the cake in front of the guests – almost like a performance – to add to the excitement and allow them to experience each detail in full.

At the far end of the room we presented an incredible dessert experience: white flats rotating around to reveal shelves of delicious individual desserts along with romantic quotes on the walls, while elegant wait staff served cake pops from elaborate crystal candelabra.

I always try to create special little “moments” and experiences like these into a wedding, as they make the entire event much more meaningful and memorable.