What Flowers Do I Get Mom for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and flowers are always the perfect way to recognize Mom on this very special day. As the creative director of Matthew David Celebrations, the big question I’m always asked is “What are the perfect flowers to get for Mother’s Day?” To help you answer this important question, I’ve outlined five ways to find the ideal flower for you Mom.

1 – What was her Wedding Flower?

Find out what your Mom carried down the aisle — and send a bouquet of that blossom with a photo of her on her wedding day. I suggest including a note that says “I hope this brings back great memories of that special day for you.” (Of course, this tip does not apply if your Mom is divorced. Move on to my second tip!)

2 – What’s her Favorite Flower?

No brainer here. If you don’t know the answer to this — tease it out of her in a casual conversation. However, the closer you are to the day — the more likely she is to connect why you are asking. So, don’t wait!

3 – What’s her Favorite Color?

This is an easy conversation that could start with home improvement (I’m thinking about painting my bedroom…) and could easily lead into a discussion of color, e.g. “what’s your absolute favorite, Mom?”

4 – What are the Best Sellers?

Still struggling to find the right flower. Simply pick a top seller like Lilies. There are so many varieties to choose from that you almost can’t go wrong — unless she’s allergic!

5- Just do it!

In fact — you could choose just about any flower and that will make her smile. And, I bet that smile would be just a little brighter if the flowers match your mom’s personality!