Matthew David Raw Collection Chandelierium

Nothing excites me more than trying something new and challenging myself creatively. I also, naturally, find it kind of terrifying.

But I recently partnered with lighting designer Michael McHale on his new customizable light fixture line, The Raw Collection, and I’m delighted to be able to share it with you.

The base of the collection is an industrial fixture of black steel pipes and a grid-like matrix of galvanized steel cable. Michael asked his collaborators to apply their unique vision and create kit that would transform the piece.

I’m thrilled to say my contribution, “Chandelierium,” launched the line at Art Basel in Miami last December.

The design is inspired by nature, glamour, and light, and features a sleek acrylic reservoir lined with flat glass gems.  Long Edison bulbs extend out the lower face of the fixture, casting light down, as well as onto the reflective surfaces of acrylic and glass above.

Finally, an arrangement of lush, wide grasses arches up and out of the piece, providing a natural and soft counterpoint to the steel frame. Floral blooms can be added to the piece to provide even more color and texture.

It was such a wonderful experience working on this piece, and I’m grateful to Michael McHale Designs for the opportunity to try my hand at product design — it’s something I hope to do more of soon!

Look for my Chandelierium design at Michael Mchale Designs.