Red Wedding Themes: Passionate Poppy and Fiery Ruby

I love color, it’s one of the first choices I make when designing a wedding or event. It’s also one of the most important and difficult decisions every bride has to make, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite colors and inspirations to help make your decision a little easier. Each post will highlight a different color trend and look.

While traditional white may be what everyone associates with weddings, in reality, bright colors are very popular, sometime softened with muted tones. However, I prefer to layer on different tones and intensities of the same color to create depth and maintain a clean look.

According to Kellee Khalil, founder of wedding inspiration search engine, the most popular color searched and bundled on their site this year for wedding themes is RED.

Ruby Red is passionate, bold, fiery and strong. It demands a response. Which means it’s not the best choice for every bride. But if it fits your personality, a bright poppy red wedding makes a huge statement about who you are.

Once the color is set, I then interpret it as an individual statement about the bride, it could be the rustic red of apples or strawberries for an outdoor wedding, the vibrant ruby of red cut crystal for a glamorous gala, or even a red carpet celebrity moment.